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if anyone is interest in the perfect example for both the "dishonest debater" and application of the most unrelated and unsuitable flat source (biased by sourcedesign on top) to post.legitimize a pretedermined narrative.. look no further.. follow the link.. enjoy it in context with the rest of that thread... level 2 is behind the scenes info by.. ahem. chuckl.e.. me

For anyone knowing the 6 year gestation background of that - one's vomit has to reach escape velocity just to detoxify oneself from barely glancing.

This stub is more of a reminder to myself - to cherish intellect, being allowed to think, having access to education on top if one desires it.

At some moments you just encounter individual or episoded that make you question the future of the western model (already a minority-show in retreat and under pressure on a planetary scale) on a very meta-level.
These moments are not those of cruelity, pain, inhumanity... they are more when there is nothign to loose or gain.. and yet the discourser defects completely.

And this specimen impresses himself on underage gamers on top of that... almost like the Pongo Tapanuliensis needs to be admired by little baby monkeys on a playground (I just hope they don't have to approach him kneeling choiring his leaderboard position in the AC Kindergarten while he presents his banana....)
Ugh... that was dark.

So... some episoded, sparse, over time.. from me for reminding myself

just fyi, do not forget our HH Org SPECTRUM(aka SC Forum):

Since it is integrated into the SC account rights, integrated into Spectrum, and Spectrum will be integrated into in-game comms, in-game VOIP and battle management I have published ALL relevant SC information THERE.. and not here.

So at some point you can access all this info while in game, underway (consume, contribute aso).

It also offers a lot of functionality, and it is very easy to integrate all media - so please dear  HellHounds.. do not get lost in the trenches!

If you own an SC Starter Package.. just hit up our Org-Page and CLICK on the "Join us now!"button right there on the page at: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/HHOUNDS
SWG General Information (Read Only) / Re: Unit Reorganization and Discord Move
« Last post by SilentHawk on April 16, 2018, 03:49:12 AM »
Discord Tips Section of the forums is now up and can be found at http://www.starwolfgaming.com/forum/index.php?topic=790.0.
SWG General Information (Read Only) / Re: Unit Reorganization and Discord Move
« Last post by SilentHawk on April 15, 2018, 10:12:52 PM »
You can link to the SWG Discord at https://discord.gg/Z6CX3PV It is up and running now. If you have any problems, or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to talk to one of us or post it in the discord section of the forums. I will be posting little tips and tricks there to help people make the transition smoothly.
SWG General Information (Read Only) / Unit Reorganization and Discord Move
« Last post by Blueduck on April 15, 2018, 08:04:03 PM »
Update:  Welcome back to all of our old friends including Kamelia, Capt Kobald, Surgetank, Shiroko, Alpharius, LordManny, Eric Grey, Lurkz, LordSqueezy, Dyneth and anyone else I'm forgetting xD.

Sorry to move everyone after we had just gotten used to our new TeamSpeak Address but we have decided that we need to adapt to the times and as such we're shifting to Discord.  To join us on Discord please download the client and install, https://discordapp.com/download.  Silenthawk will provide the contact information for the server below.

This new voice com software does have a few disadvantages but it is going to make it easier for us to work with other groups in Star Citizen and as such it is time to move.  Likewise while the permissions and customization options aren't as robust they are simpler and don't randomly break unlike some of the problems we've been having with TeamSpeak.

Also, effective immediately the unit structure has been reorganized to as follows:

SWG Lead - Blueduck, Kera, and Silenthawk.  In our role we will help sort out disagreements at the upper level and help facilitate discussion as needed.  We will not supersede the units direction based on a group vote but will help guide deadlock towards a decision.  As always, we are a pretty democratic group which will not change.

Administrator - All current Lead Officers and above have been promoted to Administrators.  Given the new discord functionality we no longer needed dedicated admins as the role can be assigned with a builder tag.  As Lead Officers and above have already been voting in terms of unit decisions the role was superfluous so we just consolidated the roles.  Congrats to all those promoted.

SWG Director - Similar to officer as detailed below.  Few extra server permissions.

Officer -  Strategist and above have been promoted to officers.  Officers will continue to be able to continue to invite people to the unit and work to implement directional decisions.  As everyone knows we aren't particularly crazy about ranks here so as available we will pull officers into directional votes for the unit.  Congrats to all those promoted.

Member - Given that we aren't regularly inviting people into the unit at the current time we have consolidated all other ranks into member tags.  In no way is this a demotion for anyone but simply that we don't need as many roles as we currently do.  As always we will seek out our veteran players and ask their opinion or voting direction on where the unit should go.  If anyone feels that they would like to be moved to a higher rank as they have been with the unit for awhile please seek out one of the admins or lead to discuss.  We're not trying to make anyone feel they have lost anything.

As we continue to grow the unit for Star Citizen and other games we can add ranks on an as needed basis.

Company Reorganizations (a backup leader role has been added to each):

Ω - Omega Company - New company commanders are KingUber and CentsofFate. (Blueduck and Silenthawk are SWG Lead Liasons)

🕷 - Black Widow Company - New company commander is Nika (Kera will provide support on an as needed basis or until we find a new lead to help her). (Kera and Blueduck are SWG Lead Liasons)

🐺 - Hell Hounds - Company Commanders are Hellsoutcast and Rogo.  Now aslso demarked as a European or training unit depending on individual needs.  Hell Hounds will continue to help new players as needed but due to the growth of our European player base it makes sense that it no longer function purely as somewhere to go for newer members.  Rogo will lead the European and Star Citizen aspects of the company. (Blueduck and Kera are SWG Lead Liasons)

💀 - Shadow Company -  Martytokes and Gruinhart (Blueduck and Silenthawk are SWG Lead Liasons)

Company Liason Lead

If disputes arise or a vote related specific company or cross companies issues arise each of the individual companies has been assigned a liaison to help as detailed above.

This is a work in progress everyone so please continue to provide support and feedback as we move forward.

SC - General Discussion (Public) / SC FREEFLIGHT event in April 2018!
« Last post by RogoRogo Wolf on April 14, 2018, 12:56:56 PM »
There is a Freeflight event in April now where people can try out SC without having the game – so you might want to tell this to all your interested friends:

Also – do not forget where our org page and Spectrum are:

And ofc our company org sites - fe for Hellhounds:

And most important – never anyone make any purchases without using a REFERRAL code – BECAUSE THEY GET EXTRA UEC IN THEIR ACCOUNTS (we just get some digital stuff).
You can find your referral code in your account-setting on the website.

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